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Nollywood Veteran Amaechi Muonagor Seeks Help Amid Battle with Paralysis

Nollywood Veteran Amaechi Muonagor Seeks Help Amid Battle with Paralysis

Ameachi Muonagor, the veteran Nollywood actor, has issued a heartfelt plea to well-meaning Nigerians for assistance as he grapples with a severe health condition.

In a viral video recorded from his hospital bed, Muonagor revealed that he has been battling a debilitating stroke ailment for the past seven months, resulting in the paralysis of half his body. This condition has left him unable to walk independently or even defecate.

In his poignant message, he shared his ordeal, stating, “I am sick, this thing called a stroke caught up with me. I wasn’t driving. I was about to get into my car when I was struck by this problem. I was initially taken to a hospital in Nnewi, where I spent two months, and then I was referred to a teaching hospital here in Nnewi. Right now, I cannot walk on my own; half of my body is paralyzed. It’s even become challenging for me to urinate.”

Muonagor, who is well-known in the Nigerian film industry, went on to express his regret for not revealing his condition to the public earlier, acknowledging that he had underestimated the duration of his illness. He now calls upon individuals with compassionate hearts to offer their support during this trying time.

Nollywood, Nigeria’s vibrant film industry, is a global cultural phenomenon known for its cinematic contributions. The actors and actresses who have graced its screens over the years often occupy a special place in the hearts of Nigerians.

Muonagor’s plea serves as a reminder that even revered figures in the entertainment industry can face adversity and require the support of their communities during challenging times.



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