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Kenyan Businesswoman Anne Njoroge Recounts Harrowing Kidnapping Ordeal Amidst Multi-Billion-Dollar Oil Shipment Dispute

Kenyan Businesswoman Anne Njoroge Recounts Harrowing Kidnapping Ordeal Amidst Multi-Billion-Dollar Oil Shipment Dispute

Nairobi, Kenya – In a chilling turn of events, Anne Njoroge, a prominent Kenyan businesswoman linked to a Ksh.17 billion oil shipment dispute involving Galana Energies Limited and Ramco, has emerged from a traumatic ordeal involving an alleged abduction by unidentified individuals after recording a statement with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Ms. Njoroge, who claims ownership of the contentious oil consignment sourced from Turkey, described her abduction as a nightmarish experience reminiscent of a Hollywood thriller. Following her statement at the DCI offices on Kiambu Road, she detailed how she was coerced into a vehicle and blindfolded, then taken on a tumultuous journey to an undisclosed location.

Under the threat of harm, she surrendered her phone’s PIN code and later found herself confined in a windowless room illuminated by a solitary bulb. The captors, concealed in ski masks, allegedly insisted on extracting a ‘morning-after’ statement concerning the disputed oil import.

Despite the harrowing conditions, Ms. Njoroge maintained her stance, affirming her legal ownership of the oil consignment. After enduring a night of uncertainty, she was eventually transferred to a police station in Embakasi, where she was reunited with her lawyer, Cliff Ombetta, ahead of her arraignment on Tuesday.

The controversy surrounding the oil shipment escalated further when the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) accused Ms. Njoroge of forging documents to assert ownership. KPA Managing Director Captain William Ruto disputed the authenticity of the bill of lading, citing conflicting details about the vessel’s origin, loading date, and cargo specifications.

According to KPA records, the vessel, allegedly carrying 93,460 metric tonnes of gas oil, departed for Mombasa on September 30th, contrary to Ms. Njoroge’s claims of an October 9th loading date. The KPA insisted that Ann’s Import and Export Enterprises Limited is not listed as the cargo owner in their records.

This disturbing episode comes amid a backdrop of heightened tensions in the Kenyan business sector, following the mysterious abduction of Rai Group Chairman Jaswant Rai just two months ago. Although Rai was released after three days, the circumstances surrounding his kidnapping remain shrouded in mystery, hinting at broader complexities within the country’s economic landscape.

As Anne Njoroge faces legal proceedings, the intricacies of the oil shipment dispute and the shocking details of her abduction continue to unravel, leaving the Kenyan public and international observers eagerly awaiting further developments in this unfolding saga.



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