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Woman’s Superstitious Act: Allegedly Steals Daughter’s Body Believing in Black Magic

Woman's Superstitious Act: Allegedly Steals Daughter's Body Believing in Black Magic

In a bizarre and distressing incident unfolding in Rourkela, a mother has allegedly taken drastic measures, driven by superstition, by “stealing” her deceased daughter’s body from a hospital mortuary, nurturing the belief that a ritual involving black magic could revive her child after 21 days.

The sequence of events, which has left many bewildered, transpired on Sunday, following the tragic demise of a five-year-old girl due to a snakebite.

Hospital authorities recount the extraordinary episode, revealing that the grieving mother resorted to breaking open the mortuary lock, absconding with her daughter’s body in a desperate bid to revive her.

Despite medical professionals confirming the child’s passing upon her arrival at the hospital, the mother clung to hope, convinced that her daughter could be restored to life through mystical means.

A member of the medical staff shared insights into the mother’s distress, acknowledging the depth of maternal love intertwined with misguided beliefs. However, the act of removing the body contravenes legal norms, prompting hospital authorities to alert local law enforcement agencies.

As the situation unfolds, local police officials are engaged in efforts to persuade the mother to relinquish possession of her daughter’s remains, emphasizing the necessity of adhering to legal protocols surrounding such matters.

Tragically, the family remains steadfast in their conviction that a combination of religious rituals and black magic performed over a 21-day period will herald the resurrection of their beloved daughter.

Amidst the poignant saga, the underlying tragedy of a young life lost to a snakebite is juxtaposed with the family’s fervent yet misplaced faith in supernatural intervention.

While the family grapples with grief and spiritual beliefs, the incident underscores the complexities of navigating personal loss within the framework of societal norms and legal boundaries.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this extraordinary event, questions linger about the role of superstition and the challenges of reconciling deeply held beliefs with the realities of life and death.



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