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Winnie Odinga Urges Public Understanding Amidst Economic Concerns

Winnie Odinga Urges Public Understanding Amidst Economic Concerns

In the midst of mounting frustrations over rising living costs and recent increases in ID and passport application fees, Winnie Odinga, daughter of opposition leader Raila Odinga, has appealed for public understanding and urged against pressuring her father to take to the streets in protest.

Kenyan citizens voiced their discontent on various social media platforms following the announcement of new ID and passport application charges through a Gazette notice. The updated fees revealed a significant jump, with citizens now required to pay Sh2000 for lost IDs, up from the previous Sh100. Additionally, the passport application fee increased from Sh4500 to Sh7500, sparking widespread concern about the economic direction of the country.

Social media users took to platforms to express their frustrations, with many turning their attention to Raila Odinga, the prominent opposition leader, questioning why he had not called for protests or demonstrations in response to the economic challenges.

Winnie Odinga responded to these sentiments, reminding the public of the criticisms her father faced during the last General Election when he called for protests. She highlighted the narrative that portrayed Raila Odinga’s actions as disruptive to businesses.

Support for Winnie’s perspective emerged from various quarters, emphasizing the need for understanding and acknowledging that the situation is complex. Some defended Raila Odinga’s decision not to initiate protests, recalling the criticisms he faced previously for similar actions.

The public discourse on economic challenges coincided with President William Ruto’s delivery of his first State of the Nation address at Parliament buildings. Ruto, who assumed office in September 2022, addressed various national issues during the speech, adding another layer to the ongoing discussions about the economic landscape and political responses.

As Kenyans navigate the economic hardships and express their concerns online, Winnie Odinga’s call for restraint and understanding underscores the complexities of the situation and the multifaceted considerations involved in addressing the nation’s challenges.



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