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Kodak Black Faces Continued Detention Over Probation Violation Amidst Drug Possession Charges

Headline: Kodak Black Faces Continued Detention Over Probation Violation Amidst Drug Possession Charges

In a disappointing turn of events for rapper Kodak Black, born Bill Kapri, hopes of spending Christmas at home have been dashed as Federal Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Becerra deemed him a ‘danger to the community.’ Black finds himself in a federal detention center in Miami, apprehended on drug possession charges and accused of violating probation related to a gun-buying conviction from over four years ago.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Becerra declined Black’s release to a drug treatment facility in Arizona, despite his lawyer, Bradford Cohen, acknowledging the artist’s struggle with addiction. The judge emphasized, “If you’re buying drugs or using drugs, you’re a danger to the community,” deferring the final decision on continued detention to U.S. District Judge Jose Martinez.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Brown argued against releasing Black for out-of-state drug rehabilitation, expressing concerns about the unpredictable outcomes. The probation violation originates from a 2019 case in which Kodak Black pleaded guilty to providing false information on a background-check form during the purchase of handguns in Hialeah. Though his 46-month prison sentence was commuted by then-President Donald Trump in January 2021, he remains on probation until January 2024.

Recent legal troubles include an arrest by Plantation police two weeks ago, where Black was found asleep in a Bentley with drugs, resulting in charges of cocaine possession, evidence tampering, and improper stopping. This incident compounds a criminal history spanning multiple states, including a 2022 arrest by Florida Highway Patrol troopers for drug possession and trafficking.

Black’s court appearance attracted a dozen supporters advocating for his release. Despite his troubled history, he lamented, “All the good deeds I do, all the good things I do, it never goes as viral. I don’t know why [they] are so hungry to see me in jail.”

As the legal proceedings continue, Kodak Black remains in custody, facing the consequences of his probation violation and drug-related charges.



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