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Kenya Requests $237 Million UN Funding for Haiti Mission

Kenya Requests $237 Million UN Funding for Haiti Mission

Kenya has formally requested a funding allocation of KSh36 billion ($237.55 million) from the United Nations to facilitate the deployment of its 1,000 troops to Haiti as part of the Multinational Security Support mission (MSS). Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki presented the budgetary estimate to parliament this week, outlining that the allocated funds would cover various aspects of the mission’s preparations.

During a session with the joint security committee of the National Assembly and Senate, Prof Kindiki clarified that the requested amount is specifically earmarked for training, administration support, transport, technical equipment acquisition, general equipment, and the procurement of weapons, ammunition, and anti-riot equipment. Notably, this budget does not encompass potential costs associated with other countries participating in the mission, suggesting that the overall expense borne by the international community could exceed the specified amount.

Prof Kindiki emphasized that the financial burden of implementing the mission would be shared through voluntary contributions from United Nations member states and organizations to a trust fund dedicated to the Haiti MSS.

The United Nations Security Council granted approval for the Haiti mission in October, with Kenya taking the lead in deploying police personnel. Additionally, ten other nations have expressed their willingness to contribute personnel for various roles. The countries joining the mission include Senegal (350), Burundi (250), Chile, Jamaica, Ecuador, Barbados (200), and Seychelles, which plans to deploy 190 officers.

The request for substantial funding underscores the financial complexities associated with international peacekeeping efforts. As the joint security committee engages in public participation on this matter, the details presented by Prof Kindiki shed light on the comprehensive preparations required for a mission of this nature, emphasizing the commitment to ensuring the success of the Haiti MSS initiative.



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