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EFCC Operatives Conduct Midnight Raid on OAU Private Hostels, Arrest Several Students

EFCC Releases 58 OAU Students Arrested For Suspected Internet Fraud

In a shocking development, operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) conducted a midnight raid on private hostels near the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Osun State, leading to the arrest of an undisclosed number of students. Eyewitnesses staying in the hostels confirmed this forceful intrusion, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, November 1.

According to one student residing at Fine Touch Hostel, the EFCC officials arrived in official vehicles wearing EFCC jackets. The raid began after 1 am as they forcibly entered rooms and took students into custody. In SuperB Hostel, another student reported that EFCC officials knocked on doors, demanding entry.

An occupant of SuperB Hostel stated, “When they came to my room, they asked me to switch on the light, asked for my man and checked the toilet and kitchen, then left. They came back and asked me to switch off my phone, then left again.”

The acting Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the institution, identified as Adegboyega, confirmed the invasion of the students’ hostels and the arrest of certain students. The incident prompted calls to the Divisional Police Officer of the Mooro Police Station, who verified that it was not a robbery but an EFCC operation.

The DPO, in conversation with the acting CSO, noted that his officers were present in the area during the EFCC arrests. He encouraged the affected students to file a formal report with the institution’s security unit, allowing the police to take necessary actions.

The news of this incident swiftly circulated on social media platforms, with students and alumni of the university expressing their outrage and concerns about the midnight arrests. The OAU Students’ Union also condemned the “unjust arrest and harassment of our fellow students” by the EFCC and underscored that such actions were unacceptable and contrary to principles of justice and due process.

The raid has raised questions and concerns about the circumstances surrounding the arrests and the involvement of the EFCC in the matter. The affected students and the wider community are keen to seek transparency and justice in this incident, highlighting the need for due process and respect for the rights of individuals.



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