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Botswana’s Mangolo: ‘We Thought He Would Be the Next Kaizer Chiefs Coach'”

Botswana's Mangolo: 'We Thought He Would Be the Next Kaizer Chiefs Coach'"

In a time of anticipation and uncertainty surrounding the future of Kaizer Chiefs, Botswana’s reigning Footballer of the Season, Benson Kitso Mangolo, has opened up about his concerns that their coach, Morena Ramoreboli, might have been on the verge of joining the Amakhosi. Ramoreboli, who has enjoyed considerable success in recent years, clinching the 2021 COSAFA Cup and the 2022/23 Botswana Premier League title, has left an indelible mark on Botswana football.

Mangolo, who has had the privilege of working under Ramoreboli’s tutelage, holds the belief that the Free State-born mentor possesses the requisite skills to lead a club like Kaizer Chiefs. Mangolo’s concerns were fueled by the recent sacking of Kaizer Chiefs’ head coach, Molefi Ntseki, who previously worked with Ramoreboli at African Warriors in the third-tier division back in 2008. Ntseki’s tenure at the Chiefs lasted merely four months, prompting speculations about Ramoreboli’s possible departure from his current post.

Addressing the rumors, Mangolo expressed, “Everyone here in Botswana, if you talk about Morena, they associate him with a potential move to either our national team or Kaizer Chiefs.” He went on to highlight an interview in which Ramoreboli had expressed his desire to coach in South Africa, making it clear that Ramoreboli’s dream revolves around coaching in his homeland. Mangolo firmly believes that Ramoreboli possesses the qualities necessary to make a significant impact at Kaizer Chiefs.

The management of Galaxy, where Ramoreboli is currently coaching, has taken proactive steps to quell the rumors, emphasizing the coach’s loyalty to the club. Galaxy’s spokesperson, Tankiso Morake, reassured fans, stating, “He is very loyal to the club. He has a project at Galaxy. We sat down with him. He has assured us that he is not going anywhere.” Morake further emphasized that Ramoreboli values professionalism and respects his contract with Galaxy, thereby putting the rumors of an imminent departure to rest.

Mangolo, who recently secured the Footballer of the Season award, ahead of USM Alger’s Tumisang Orebonye and Chiefs defender Thatayaone Ditlhokwe, credited Ramoreboli for his remarkable achievements. He spoke highly of the South African coach, stating, “He’s a good coach. I knew I’d achieve a lot under him. I won Footballer of the Year in Botswana, competing with Orebonye and TT.” Mangolo went on to reveal the coach’s unique approach, characterizing Ramoreboli as a mentor who actively engages with his players, employs a distinctive coaching philosophy, and places a strong emphasis on building a strong rapport with his team, qualities that Mangolo attributes to the coach’s success.

As Kaizer Chiefs continue their search for a new head coach, Morena Ramoreboli’s future remains a subject of much debate and speculation. Only time will reveal whether the highly regarded coach will stay loyal to his current club or take on the prestigious role of leading Kaizer Chiefs into a new era of South African football.



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