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Peter Salasya: Controversial Yet Highly Ranked MP Defies Criticism with Admirable Performance

Peter Salasya: Controversial Yet Highly Ranked MP Defies Criticism with Admirable Performance

Since assuming office as the Member of Parliament for Mumias East Constituency, Peter Salasya has become a prominent figure, attracting both controversy and admiration. The first-term MP, known for his outspoken nature, has consistently found himself in the spotlight, both within and outside the hallowed halls of Parliament.

Despite a slew of controversies surrounding him, a recent Infortrak poll surprisingly positioned Salasya as one of the top-performing young MPs in Kenya, securing the fourth spot. This accolade catapulted him ahead of seasoned politicians, showcasing an unexpected blend of controversy and commendable performance.

However, this recognition did not shield Salasya from a recent incident where he was forcibly ejected from a church service at Bukaya Catholic Church in Mumias West Constituency. Allegedly targeted by supporters of Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa, Salasya faced hostility during a speech, with a microphone snatched from him, leading to a scuffle that required his evacuation under the protection of his bodyguards.

This altercation follows a recent lawsuit filed against Salasya by a Kakamega County lawyer, Edwin Wawire Wafula, who accused the MP of physically and verbally assaulting him. The legal action stems from Salasya’s alleged failure to repay a loan of Sh500,000 borrowed during the August 2022 elections.

Salasya’s controversial remarks and actions have been a recurrent theme during his tenure. From outlining his criteria for a wife to making sexually derogatory comments about Bomet Woman Rep Linet Chepkorir, the MP has navigated a tumultuous path.

In a surprising twist, Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris came to Salasya’s defense, urging observers to judge him not solely on his lack of awareness on climate change but on his efforts to revive the sugar sector in his constituency.

Salasya further stirred the online community by being captured eating raw termites, known as ‘kumbe kumbe’ or ‘Chiswa’ among the Luhya people. This act drew criticism, with some labeling it as a reflection of a ‘village mentality.’

In November, Salasya’s ranking alongside other young leaders like Ndindi Nyoro and Naisula Lesuuda in a poll by Infotrak highlighted a paradoxical blend of controversy and commendable performance. The MP’s ability to weather criticism while maintaining an admirable standing in rankings underscores the complex nature of his political persona.



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