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Abuja’s Lead British International School Temporarily Closed Amid Bullying Controversy

Abuja's Lead British International School Temporarily Closed Amid Bullying Controversy

In response to a disturbing video that circulated on social media, displaying an instance of bullying within its premises, Abuja’s prestigious Lead British International School has taken decisive action, announcing a three-day closure. This decision was revealed during a press briefing held at the school premises, attended by concerned parents.

The video in question depicted a distressing scene wherein a female student was subjected to harassment by her peers, leading to widespread condemnation across various online platforms. The management of the school swiftly condemned the incident and assured the public of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Outrage rippled through social media channels as users shared the footage, with calls for justice echoing prominently. One Twitter user, under the handle @mooyeeeeeee, issued an urgent plea accompanied by the videos, urging for solidarity in seeking justice for the victim and advocating against the pervasive issue of bullying.

The footage captured a distressing moment as a female student physically assaulted the victim, accompanied by verbal taunts and accusations. The severity of the situation prompted swift public outcry, demanding accountability and action from the school administration.

In response, Abraham Ogunkambi, Head of Lead British International School, addressed the public concern with a statement reaffirming the institution’s commitment to addressing the matter with utmost gravity. He underscored the school’s engagement with the victim and her family, offering comprehensive support services to mitigate the emotional toll of the incident.

Furthermore, Ogunkambi outlined the proactive steps being taken, including the establishment of a disciplinary framework to address the perpetrators’ behavior effectively. Additionally, a dedicated panel has been convened to investigate not only this specific incident but also other allegations of bullying within the school environment.

The decision to temporarily close the school underscores the seriousness with which Lead British International School regards the issue of bullying, signaling a resolute commitment to fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. As the investigation progresses, stakeholders remain vigilant, advocating for accountability and tangible measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.



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