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Kanye West Faces Racial Discrimination Lawsuit from Former Security Guard

Kanye West Faces Racial Discrimination Lawsuit from Former Security Guard

Renowned rapper Kanye West finds himself embroiled in a legal battle as former security guard Benjamin Deshon Provo files a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against the 46-year-old artist. Provo, who previously worked for West at the Donda Academy school and a warehouse utilized for Yeezy clothing storage, accuses the musician of subjecting black employees to discriminatory treatment compared to their white counterparts.

According to documents obtained by People magazine, West purportedly engaged in frequent outbursts and disparagement directed towards black employees. Provo alleges that he was terminated from his position for refusing to comply with West’s demand to cut his dreadlocks.

Provo’s tenure with West commenced around August 2021, initially at Donda Academy before being assigned additional responsibilities due to staffing shortages. These duties included providing security at West’s Sunday Service events and at the Yeezy warehouse. Provo claims that during this period, he was instructed to confront paparazzi, placing himself and photographers in potential danger.

Moreover, Provo contends that West mandated the disposal of books related to prominent figures in the black community, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, and paid black employees less than their non-black counterparts without valid justification.

The lawsuit further alleges a stark contrast in West’s treatment of black employees compared to others, describing the artist as consistently abrupt, abrasive, and demeaning towards Provo and his black colleagues.

Provo asserts that when he raised concerns about the pay disparity, he faced retaliation in the form of decreased wages, which his white counterparts did not experience. Additionally, West purportedly demanded that Provo and others shave their heads, a directive Provo refused citing his Muslim faith. This refusal reportedly led to Provo’s termination from employment.

In response to the alleged discrimination, Provo seeks damages for various claims, including retaliation, hostile work environment, labor code violations, and attorney fees. Furthermore, he requests a preliminary and permanent injunction, prohibiting West and associated parties from operating educational institutions for minors in California.

The lawsuit casts a shadow over West’s public persona, underscoring the importance of addressing allegations of discrimination within the workplace. As legal proceedings unfold, the case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing fight for equality and fair treatment in all spheres of society.



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