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Burkina Faso junta extends rule to 2029.

Burkina Faso junta extends rule to 2029.

The military regime in Burkina Faso, led by Ibrahim Traoré, has extended its rule until at least 2029, foregoing previously promised elections amidst ongoing violence and insecurity in the country. This decision, formalized through a new charter signed into law by Traoré, consolidates power for the ruling Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration (PMSR) junta, which seized control in a coup two years ago.

Under the new charter, Traoré assumes the role of president and “supreme leader” of the armed forces, with eligibility to participate in future elections. The move represents a departure from the transitional period initially agreed upon when the military junta took power.

The junta has justified its seizure of power as necessary to restore order in Burkina Faso, which has faced attacks from Islamist insurgents. This decision comes amidst a wave of coups in the region, leading to shifts in alliances and a reevaluation of security partnerships with Western nations in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Burkina Faso, along with other countries in the Sahel region, has been grappling with Islamist insurgency for over a decade, resulting in significant displacement of its population and control over only a portion of its territory by the government.

Despite initial promises of holding elections in July 2024, Traoré has cited ongoing security concerns as a reason for postponement. The extended transition period poses challenges to regional efforts, particularly those led by the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), aimed at restoring democratic governance in junta-led nations.



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