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Black Zionism Adds a Wrinkle to the Politics of the Gaza War

Black Zionism Adds a Wrinkle to the Politics of the Gaza War

In a recent letter to the Biden administration, over 1,000 Black Christian pastors called for a cease-fire in Israel’s war on Gaza, the release of hostages, and an end to Israeli occupation in the West Bank. This move highlights the deep-seated angst among Black people, reminiscent of the civil rights movement, regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict.

While it may be tempting to view Black voters of faith as monolithic, it is important to recognize the diversity of opinions within the Black community, particularly when it comes to Israel. Many Black people and Africans are staunch defenders of Israel due to the significant influence of Christian Zionism in their lives. This influence shapes their spiritual relationship not only with Israel and Palestinians but also with the concept of liberation itself.

Christian Zionism, which emphasizes the belief that supporting Israel will bring blessings from God, has gained traction among Black Christians. The prosperity gospel, a theological stance that promises material blessings and favor from God in exchange for support of Israel, has been particularly influential. Pastor John Hagee, a prominent figure in the prosperity gospel movement, founded Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with approximately 10 million members. CUFI actively recruits Black and African pastors to spread its message.

It is worth noting that not all Black Christians share the same views on the Israel-Gaza conflict. The letter to the Biden administration represents one current among Black Christians, known as the “social gospel,” which emphasizes racial and collective emancipation. Another current, rooted in the prosperity gospel, has largely been left out of discussions about political churches.

The rise of conservative, individualistic spirituality within the Black community challenges the notion that all Black churches are solely focused on the social struggle for racial emancipation. Moreover, the progressive Black church faces the challenge of retaining its political organizing force, as both Black and White young people are increasingly leaving organized religion.

Understanding the complexity of Black Christianity is crucial in comprehending the diverse perspectives on the Israel-Gaza conflict. It is important to avoid oversimplifying Black views as reflexive, ignorant, or antisemitic. By acknowledging the influence of Black Christian Zionism, we gain a fuller and more nuanced understanding of the Black community’s relationship with Israel and the world at large.

This nuanced perspective also sheds light on the underlying theology behind evangelical support for Israel. It is not solely about ensuring the safety of Jewish people but rather about fulfilling Christian purposes, which often involve the conversion of Jewish people to Christianity. This theological motivation raises important questions about the nature of support for Israel among evangelicals, both Black and White.

In conclusion, the Black Christian Zionism movement adds a unique dimension to the politics of the Gaza war. It challenges the notion of a monolithic Black perspective on the conflict and highlights the diversity of opinions within the Black community. Understanding the influence of Christian Zionism and the prosperity gospel is crucial in comprehending the complex spiritual relationship between Black Christians and Israel. By recognizing these nuances, we can foster a more informed and inclusive dialogue on the Israel-Gaza conflict and its implications for various communities



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