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David Ndii Explains Controversial Finance Bill: A Move to Counteract Past Corruption

David Ndii Explains Controversial Finance Bill: A Move to Counteract Past Corruption

Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, David Ndii, addressed the controversy surrounding this year’s Finance Bill on Saturday, June 22, attributing its necessity to the actions of past administrations.

Speaking on his X account, the prominent economist pointed to historical corruption as the root cause of the nation’s significant debt. He asserted that the previous regimes’ corrupt practices had left the government with no choice but to introduce the 2024 Finance Bill as a measure to alleviate the country’s financial burdens.

“The irony of these children opposing the Finance Bill without knowing it is that they are children of the looters who bankrupted the government,” Ndii stated, highlighting a stark perspective on the opposition to the bill. Ndii’s comments suggested that some of the most vocal critics of the bill are directly benefiting from the proceeds of past corruption.

“Do you want to know where the money went? Look around you, visit your aunts, ask your parents. It bought houses, cars, vacations, it paid for your college,” he continued. Ndii’s remarks underscored the extent to which corruption had infiltrated the previous administrations, suggesting that the wealth and privileges enjoyed by many were the direct results of misappropriated funds.

Ndii also addressed the protests led by young people against the Finance Bill, describing them as a misguided attempt at class warfare. “Here’s the thing, class warfare worked once, now you think class warfare has a second charm with the young people,” he remarked, implying that the protests were based on an outdated strategy that failed to address the root issues of the country’s economic troubles.

Firm in his stance, Ndii reiterated that the government would not be swayed by demonstrations to alter its fiscal policies. He emphasized the need for the youth to understand and support the tax measures outlined in the Finance Bill, presenting them as crucial steps towards economic recovery.

“Here’s the deal. The country will change, and you are welcome to join, but be careful when you’re throwing stones,” Ndii advised, urging the protesting youth to consider the broader implications of their actions and the necessity of the government’s current fiscal approach.

Ndii’s statements come amidst a backdrop of significant public debate and unrest over the Finance Bill, which has been criticized for its perceived harshness and potential impact on the average citizen. However, Ndii’s arguments place the bill within a larger narrative of addressing systemic corruption and fiscal mismanagement inherited from past administrations.

As the nation grapples with these complex issues, Ndii’s comments offer a candid look into the government’s rationale behind the controversial bill, framing it as a difficult but necessary step towards financial stability and economic justice



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